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of innovative devices
and mobile accessories in Russia

We are here
to bring the coolest products on Earth
to Russian consumers.

7years of experience
30successful brand’s launches
400Russian cities cover
15000sales points
БИК наши бренды
Cases for smartphones and tablets
БИК наши бренды
Audio systems and speakers
БИК наши бренды
Smart home
БИК наши бренды
БИК наши бренды
Charging devices
БИК наши бренды

Advantages of partnership

advantages work with BIK GROUP WOW PRODUCTS We offer the market unique, innovative and non-standard brands that are a pleasure to deal with
advantages work with BIK GROUP EFFECTIVE DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM We ensure a fast and effective start of sales throughout the country in all key distribution channels with efficient financial and logistical support
advantages work with BIK GROUP JOINT BUSINESS PLANNING APPROACH We are building up transparent and reliable partnership with all the brands we carry. Not just a simple distribution.
Mutual responsibility and involvement in project management considered as key success factors
advantages work with BIK GROUP MARKETING SUPPORT We provide best possible support for marketing settlement of the brands on themarket. We develop marketing activities to grow the sales and build up the brands awareness.

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We have a lot of experience in launching international brands on the Russian market, and we are in constant search of like-minded people in both directions. Leave your question or suggestion.
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Address: Office 402, naberezhnaya of the Obvodny Canal, 60, lit.А,
Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Phone: +7(812) 309-71-39